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The purpose of this wiki is to share activity ideas that use Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. At the Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School, we utilize M.I. theory to help our students develop college prepatory skills and understandings. Though wedding these two pieces is an ongoing challenge, through their combination we enable our students to construct deeper understanding of class content and develop a broad range of academic skills which allow them to be successful college students and lifelong learners. Our pedagogy and practice continues to grow and develop, and this wiki is another step in our growth as a learning institution.

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Ideas are organized by subject. Click on your subject area from the menu to the left. Feel free to read through the ideas that have already been posted and add your own. Directions for adding your own ideas are at the beginning of each page. Happy Teaching!

How do I upload a handout?

Handouts should be uploaded as PDF files, which you can create by exporting from Microsoft Word. You can use the "add a picture" icon from any Wikia page.

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